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Working from home 101

So, my mom has been working from home my whole life. More importantly, I’ll be 9 years-old on May 11th and really need a Chewy gift card. So help me have a Howling Happy Virtual Birthday Party! So… what were we talking about? Oh yeah, […]

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My Lil’ Sis

OK, this isn’t a travel blog, it’s a story that’s really important to me, so listen up. One cool tiny cat Today it’s so quiet around the house. I’ve always been the top dog, but without the furry little princess, things are very different. You […]

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Louie. A special Catahoula Dog.

A Special Catahoula

I’m a special kind of Catahoula Dog. I write. I travel. And, I really know how to have fun. I’m a Catahoulagan seeing the world with my Mom and Dad or through their eyes. My parents travel. A lot. Sometimes I go with them. If […]

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What’s in a Name – Louis Boucher?

So, let me tell you the story about how I got my name, Louis Boucher. As you may already know, my parents like to travel. A lot. A favorite destination is one of the Seven Wonders of the World right in our back yard, Grand […]

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A Catahoula Beginning. . .

So, my biological parents were from California and met in a set-up date which led to a litter of 11 pups. That’s Baby on the left from Visalia and Rowdy on the right from Sacramento. Just looking at these prime examples of the Catahoula breed […]

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