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It’s my turn, finally…

What could be better than summer camp in the great outdoors? Spending time with a bunch of my friends, endless play, a swimming hole, great food, and a bunk house where we all stay up and tell stories until the camp counselor comes in to […]

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She will endure

An Earth Day guest blog from my parents about their recent backpack in the Grand Canyon. Layers of history The Grand Canyon is a mirror in time. Revealing layers of stone, each with a history, it tells a story that you can see. It also […]

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Into the Wilderness

Take it all in. Open space. Big sky. A sea of flowers – red, pink, yellow, orange. . . The sun on my back. Miles of trails – some easy, some rugged. Forests. Stream crossings, my favorite. Birds, deer, coyotes, lizards, and at least one […]

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Monastary Beach, CA

Dog Time

No agenda, no technology, no cars, I can just be. In the moment, A smell, let it take me where it leads me. Just making the most of every moment, No before or after, Never thinking about what’s next, just now. Then waking to another […]

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Road Trip Out of Nowhere

Road Trip? Red Rocks? Really? I overheard Mom say something about “cancelled” and “something instead” and “maybe Red Rocks?”  Before I knew it my parents were bustling around the house gathering up day packs, hiking boots, water bottles, food. . . you get the picture. […]

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Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile My jet setter parents just returned from Torres del Paine, Patagonia. Patagonia, South America that is. Once again, I had to stay home because my passport expired and it’s really tough for me to travel internationally as I flunked […]

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View from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Trust – Springs Restoration

So, did you know that if you cuddle up with a mature ponderosa pine and put your nose deep between the bark cracks you’ll find the rich and luscious smell of vanilla, and sometimes even butterscotch? Yup, it’s true, especially at the Grand Canyon. Dogonit! […]

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Tonto Plateau, Grand Canyon

Walk in another’s shoes

Since before I was born, my parents have been going to and hiking in the Grand Canyon. Sounds so cool, but dogs are not allowed on the trails inside this National Park. What was the Park Service thinking, I would chase a deer, poop in […]

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