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So, my biological parents were from California and met in a set-up date which led to a litter of 11 pups. That’s Baby on the left from Visalia and Rowdy on the right from Sacramento. Just looking at these prime examples of the Catahoula breed totally explains my rugged good looks.

Catahoula Cur

We were bred to be livestock herders with a penchant for treeing raccoons and any critter smart enough to climb a tree instead of trying to outrun us. Catahoulas are a recognized Cur breed and originated, so the story goes, in Louisiana. Native American, Spanish and French dogs had a kegger and produced one good lookin’, agile, smart, opinionated and stubborn canine.  In fact, the Catahoula is now the state dog of Louisiana!

Myself, I’m considered to be a Blue Merle Catahoula, wecome in all sorts of colors and spots. However, my spots seem to be getting darker with age probably due to living in Arizona and not wearing sunscreen.

Here’s a picture of me and my bro Irving with Mom on our very first Arizona bound road trip when we were just 8 weeks old. Yes, when we got to Phoenix we were dog tired!

And, you do have to say that I was one good looking, albeit pretty clueless, pup!

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