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OK, this isn’t a travel blog, it’s a story that’s really important to me, so listen up.

One cool tiny cat

Today it’s so quiet around the house. I’ve always been the top dog, but without the furry little princess, things are very different. You see my little sister, Kili the cool tiny cat, got sick and we had to say goodbye to her yesterday. I know, I know, I made fun of her, chased her around the house, and sniffed her in places where she didn’t want to be sniffed, but these were all ways of showing her how much I really loved her. Heck, Dad would joke that I had a magnet on my nose and Kili had one on her butt the way I always followed her around!

Mischievous is the word

You see Kili was a mischievous, non-stop talking, Siamese luv bug. She was here when Mom and Dad brought a clueless little pup home (yes, that would be me) and I quickly learned that she was the Princess of the household. Not only did she have her very own room that I learned not to enter, she had special food served in a spiffy designer cat bowl, a litter box, a fancy bed and a bunch of other places she claimed as her napping spots. And did I mention tons and tons of furry little toys that I have to admit (OK, don’t tell Mom) were even pretty tasty.

Silly Cat

Somehow, that little 9 pound cat learned how to open all the cupboards and drawers in the house. She’d open them up and rummage around, or get in a drawer of clothes for a nice long nap out of my reach. Mom could always find her, because Kili never learned how to close all those cupboards and drawers. She loved boxes and tissue, too. So when a delivery came, (and after I got done telling the UPS dude who was boss) Kili would get on one of the boxes and wait until Mom opened it so she could inspect the contents, or curl up and take a nap. Silly cat.


Now I understand all Siamese are non-stop talkers, but little Kili was really vocal and really loud. Especially at night after everyone was in bed, she would start playing with her toys and let out a blood curdling sequence of MEEOOOOWs which sounded like they were coming from a lion! (Hey! I saw one on the Discovery Channel so I do know what I’m yapping about.) I digress, but she would wake everyone up so she could drop the silly toy at Mom’s foot of the bed before curling up and going to sleep.

Luv Bug

And that gets me to the Luv Bug part. Dad would tell the story of how he picked Kili out of a litter of 9 kittens as she was the only one cuddled up with one of the owner’s kids and was affectionately referred to as Luv Bug. Her loving nature never changed as she would help Mom work by sitting on her desk, lay on the computer keyboard, lay on Mom’s hands as she tried to type, always purring and occasionally chasing the cursor across the screen. Not what I would call helpful, but Mom liked it and didn’t even mind sharing a little coffee with her.

Little Princess

Kili was always in the middle of things making sure they went her way. Be it a request for a magazine to sit upon, a toy to chase down the hall, the laser light to spaz out on, or a newspaper to read. Yes, I’m told she could read (whatever that means…) and preferred the New York Times. She was so light on her feet she could even jump on Dad’s chest while he was napping and not get shooed away.

Sweet Sixteen

Kili, short for Kilimanjaro, was sweet sixteen and the best little cat sister I’ve ever had.  I speak (Who said Speak? Woof, do I get a treat now?) for Mom and Dad that we will all miss you, your love, and your antics. I guess I’ll need to figure out how to open the cupboards and maybe even get on Mom’s desk while she is working…


  1. Mark Stodola

    I’m so sorry you guys. I know Louie is going to miss his friend.

  2. Oh guys. I remember Kili-her meows and also her purrs. She was so sweet and beautiful. I’m so sorry for your loss. Miss you.

  3. Suzanne Martinson

    So sorry to hear about Kili – she was a special part of your family!

  4. Linda Borah

    Nice tribute, Stacey. I’m sorry for your loss. It hurts so much to say goodbye to our four legged friends. xo

  5. I’m so, so sorry. Boundless love to you all. I am picturing Kili doing the Sunday crossword in ink, her favorite toys by her side ….

  6. Linda Breci

    Kili was dear to you and I’m so sorry for your loss. You’ll always have your fond memories of her. It will help to give your Mom lots and lots of sloppy kisses.

  7. Deborah Leatherwood

    I am so sorry to hear about Kili. My heart hurts for you. She was such a sweet companion😢

  8. Carolyn McCord

    So sorry your family is less by one little one. We should all remember to give our loved ones an extra hug tonight and cherish their presence in our lives.

  9. We will miss her, she was a great kitty. Jim & Anne. Love you

  10. Angele Mead

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful kitty, Stacey. It’s so hard to say goodbye to our furry friends.

  11. Gina Carpenter

    Beautifully written tribute to your dear friend. I’m so sorry for your loss. And for Louie’s loss too…. Hugs🤗❤️

  12. So, so sorry for your loss. Sad time, but such happy memories…. XXOO

  13. Beautiful read and homage for Kili the Love Bug. All three of you will miss her, but will always have loving memories.

  14. A purrfect tribute to Kili!

  15. Carol Armstrong

    Oh gosh Stacey, I’m sorry about your kitty. You sure wrote a moving tribute

  16. Ann D'Amico -

    So very sorry on your loss.

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