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I’m a special kind of Catahoula Dog. I write. I travel. And, I really know how to have fun. I’m a Catahoulagan seeing the world with my Mom and Dad or through their eyes.

My parents travel. A lot. Sometimes I go with them. If not, I go to a ritzy camp while they are away. They bring gifts and kisses when they come home (best part) and they show me photos and tell me lots of stories. It’s so fun to travel, I decided to share. We are a family of Catahoulagans – a mix of mischievousness and love, with a dog-like zest for life. Well, actually, I am the dog and my parents are fun-loving adventurers. I’ve written some of the stories based on their accounts, others I provide the color commentary.

At Home

When we are not on the road, I have a pretty charmed life. I live in a really cool casa in Phoenix, Arizona (OK it’s a little toasty in the summer), but we have a yard with lots of grass and a natural desert area known as the “Lower 40” where I can really run and chase the rabbits. Just about everyday I get to go for a long 5 mile walk with my Dad through the neighborhood or in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. I have a sister, Kili, but she is a bore, like you know she’s just a cat.

I have two cribs inside my house and an awesome trampoline crib on the back patio. Since I walk everyday I have lot’s of friends – Pokie, Blue, Apollo, Punkie Pie, Nora (she’s hot), Bone, Red and my Bro Irving, but then there is evil Lucky who always gives me the stink eye. Oh and the coyotes, just not sure if they are dogs, my friends, or what?  Some of my friends are even human, like Trina (Cookie Princess), Jenny, Sue, Mark, Marilyn, Ron, Mary, Kevin, there are just too many to keep track of.

All and all I lead a sweet life!

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  1. Hey Louie! This is pretty cool! I’ll have to ask my mom for MY own blog!

    And oh yeah, when are you going to show that pretty grin of yours? That’s what keeps me coming back!

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