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So, my mom has been working from home my whole life. More importantly, I’ll be 9 years-old on May 11th and really need a Chewy gift card. So help me have a Howling Happy Virtual Birthday Party!

So… what were we talking about? Oh yeah, working from home, which it seems to me everyone is doing these days. So, since mom’s been at this awhile, I’m gonna share a few tips on how to make it comfortable, productive and tail-waggin’ fun.

But first, I wanted to share with you how best to wear your bandanna, in these times of COVID 19. Whatever the heck that is. . .


The Kid

In my world, I am “The Kid”. So when I refer to me, I’m also talking about the little people that I love so much cuz they leave stuff scattered all around the house and never pick up their dirty clothes which takes the heat off of me when I’m more mischievous than usual. These little people also never make their bed which makes a sweet crib for me at nappin’ time, which is something I do 20 hours a day. Mom just piped in said that dad sometimes acts like a little kid too.

The Work Space

OK, I know it may only be temporary for you, but getting your space set up is essential. Working on the sofa, or from a kitchen counter will not allow you to concentrate. When my mom sits on the sofa, I do too and it’s just impossible for me to take a solid nap as I’m always laying on some important piece of paper, sitting on the phone, or slobbering on the laptop. And telling a client “my dog ate the spreadsheet” just ain’t cool.

And if you are in the kitchen it is even worse, especially at our house. A jar of my treats sits on the counter only encouraging me to be sweet, obedient and the center of attention. And just as bad, our refrigerator door is glass so I have a droolathon just looking at all the yumminess. Admit it, you would too. It’s really tough just to dog cool sashay through that room. You need somewhere quiet, away from the food temptations, with a proper table, chair and posh place for me to nap.

The Routine

OK, first about me. Every day when the Post Office stops in front our house just to torment me I find great pride in barking really loud and showing my teeth which always scares the dude off. This is an important part of my role in the household pack and what I rest up for every day. This also holds true for Prime and Brown, so just let me have some fun will ya.

Now, two important tips here. Yourself and The Kid. Mom says it’s important to find time for yourself, which is harder to do when everyone is home. She’s usually up at the crack of dawn and for some strange reason sits on the floor cross-legged with her eyes closed for a really long time. I don’t ask, but sometimes I sniff her ears to make sure she’s still kicking. When she comes out of her trance, it’s all about me! I get my breakfast and then dad takes me for a long walk. That’s when mom does yoga. You know, I’m an expert in that too, I’m really good at down dogs, dolphins, and my best at Savasana.

When dad and I get back, they have breakfast and then it’s down the hall and off to work. Dad works from home too, but Mom says he’s a novice. And that’s for Lesson 102: Sorta Work’n At Home.

OK. Not OK.

Well I get a bath come hell or high water every two weeks. I guess it’s bad to smell like a dog. People stink up faster and really need to shower once a day, whether they go out or not. So be nice to your human companions and otherwise and pay attention to hygiene. . . in addition to washing your paws like a million times of day.

Now casual clothes are fine, but remember on ZOOM it should be business casual from the top up, because it doesn’t matter much if you have on your PJ bottoms with bunny slippers. Who will ever know? You know, it’s nice to have a few secrets.

And, watching a video for work is OK. So, like one of my Mom’s clients is in the golf business, and it’s OK for him to rewatch the 2020 Arnold Palmer Invitational, Tyrrell Hatton won! Or the 2014 and 2012 Masters, Bubba Watson won both! Or the 2020 The American Express, Andrew Landry won! Or . . . the list goes on. . . I think this is a critical work skill called “RESEARCH”.

Binge watching Friends while you are signed in to a work related webinar might be more fun, but it’s not really working.


My mom is kinda a health nut and really likes a green smoothie for lunch. Kale, avocado, and who knows what else is in the concoction. If she added some peanut butter, and bananas, I think it would be worthy of my palette. Bottom-line, if you plan to have a “greenie” or something else that might stick in your teeth, be sure to brush up before your upcoming ZOOM!

By the way, there is a Greenies treat, just for me and they actually clean my teeth. Maybe mom should eat one of my Greenies after her “greenie”. And remember my birthday is coming up on May 11th so feel free to have a virtual celebration with me and send some Greenies, just click to buy from PetSmart


SUPER IMPORTANT:  All work and no play is:

a) no fun.
b) not good for the brain.
c) bad for the body.
d) not good for The Kid or little people.
e) not a balanced lifestyle.

So, set your watch for several breaks a day, take a walk, preferably with The Kid, go for a hike, preferably with The Kid, play chase in the backyard, preferably with The Kid, roll in the grass, preferably with The Kid (or neighbors might talk), have a little nibble of something healthy and don’t forget to share it with The Kid (I especially like bananas and grapefruit).
You’ll come back to your work feeling refreshed.

Quittin’ Time

It’s easy to work too much, when you work from home. First there is no chit chat, so you tend to be more focused. Sometimes mom doesn’t even talk for hours and that’s just inconceivable. But when it’s quitting time, leave your desk, and enjoy your family.

Don’t look back, it’ll be there tomorrow.


  1. No “Greenie” for me, thank you.

  2. Ann D’Amico

    Love this. Please keep them coming. I can’t believe that the “kid” is going to be 9!

  3. Kay Hanson

    Great advice, Louie!
    Keep taking good care ❤️of your people.
    ps. You are rockin’ that bandana!

  4. Where’s that link to Chewy? I, uh, want to know if they have a gift registry! Yeah, that’s why!

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