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So, let me tell you the story about how I got my name, Louis Boucher. As you may already know, my parents like to travel. A lot. A favorite destination is one of the Seven Wonders of the World right in our back yard, Grand Canyon. They have been backpacking the Canyon much longer than I’ve been around and come to think of it, they have never taken me there! Was that a Kaibab Squirrel I just saw running by? Sorry my attention span is shorter than the legs on those funny looking wiener dogs.

Anyway, one of their favorite routes in Grand Canyon was built by none other than the explorer, prospector, guide and farmer Louis Boucher. My parents tell me the Hermit and Boucher trails are primitive and rugged trails that reward backpackers with amazing vistas, wildlife and solitude.

About Louis Boucher

Louis Boucher, was an immigrant from Quebec, who arrived at the canyon in 1890. He chose the remote area about eight miles west of what is now Grand Canyon Village as his home for the next 20 years.

Despite Louis Boucher being labeled “The Hermit” he has more canyon features named for him than nearly all other pioneers combined:  Boucher Creek, Canyon, Trail, and Rapids; Hermit Rest, Road, Trail, Camp, Fault, Basin, Creek, Rapids, and Shale; and Eremita (Spanish for Hermit) Mesa and Tank.

That Mr. Boucher sounds like a real nice fella for a human and I sure would like to herd his mule!

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