Louie Boucher Pilcher

My parents travel. A lot. Sometimes I go with them. If not, I go to a ritzy camp while they are away. They bring gifts and kisses when they come home (best part) and they show me photos and tell me lots of stories. It's fun to travel, so I decided to share. We are a family of Catahoulagans – a mix of mischievousness and love, with a dog-like zest for life. Well, actually, I am a dog (a Catahoula) and my parents are fun-loving adventurers. I’ve written some of the stories based on their accounts, others I provide the color commentary. Here are our stories.

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Jail Break

Mom and Dad have held me captive for months – they say it’s a pandemic and we just need to chill and stay home. Well, I’m not one to sit around on my paws, so I Googled corona and not only did I learn a […]

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Working from home 101

So, my mom has been working from home my whole life. More importantly, I’ll be 9 years-old on May 11th and really need a Chewy gift card. So help me have a Howling Happy Virtual Birthday Party! So… what were we talking about? Oh yeah, […]

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It’s my turn, finally…

What could be better than summer camp in the great outdoors? Spending time with a bunch of my friends, endless play, a swimming hole, great food, and a bunk house where we all stay up and tell stories until the camp counselor comes in to […]

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She will endure

An Earth Day guest blog from my parents about their recent backpack in the Grand Canyon. Layers of history The Grand Canyon is a mirror in time. Revealing layers of stone, each with a history, it tells a story that you can see. It also […]

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Into the Wilderness

Take it all in. Open space. Big sky. A sea of flowers – red, pink, yellow, orange. . . The sun on my back. Miles of trails – some easy, some rugged. Forests. Stream crossings, my favorite. Birds, deer, coyotes, lizards, and at least one […]

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Characters of the Southwest

This year my parents were gracious enough to take me on a holiday road trip to Southern Arizona to prove that the characters of the Southwest are still there. . . unique individuals, free spirits, hippie types, creative souls. . . Creative Souls Black fingernails, […]

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The color of India

Ever since Mom got back from her trip to India with some of her down doggie friends I’ve had to listen to her tales of fun and adventure, all without me!  Yeah, I like to be the center of attention. Yeah, I and could really […]

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Monastary Beach, CA

Dog Time

No agenda, no technology, no cars, I can just be. In the moment, A smell, let it take me where it leads me. Just making the most of every moment, No before or after, Never thinking about what’s next, just now. Then waking to another […]

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California Dreamin’

There’s moisture in the air, humidity and it feels good. . .damp, salty… salty air?  Hmm?  And, I hear birds, but not the usual chatter of the quail, or clacking of the cactus wrens, it’s in the distance, it’s lonesome and windswept. And there’s another […]

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My Lil’ Sis

OK, this isn’t a travel blog, it’s a story that’s really important to me, so listen up. One cool tiny cat Today it’s so quiet around the house. I’ve always been the top dog, but without the furry little princess, things are very different. You […]

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