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No agenda, no technology, no cars, I can just be.

In the moment,

A smell, let it take me where it leads me.

Just making the most of every moment,

No before or after,

Never thinking about what’s next, just now.

Then waking to another perfect day. . .

Carmel, CA

Glimmering tidal pools,

Crabs, sea urchins, mussels, barnacles, driftwood, anemone, and seaweed.

Carmel, CA
Carmel, CA
Carmel, CA

Steaming coffee

Feeling warmth

Catching a little chill


Dramatic sunsets

Quiet sunrises

Breezes carrying life –

Carmel, CA
Carmel, CA
Carmel, CA

Glorious sunshine

Drifting clouds

Fine sand

Course sand


The smell of seaweed

The sounds of the surf



Carmel, CA

The glowing hearth


Carmel, CA
Carmel, CA
Carmel, CA

A perfect vacation,


Carmel, CA


  1. Louie and his people, savoring life, enjoying creation!

  2. If karma truly exists, I plan on coming back as Louie!

  3. Dog haiku! And heaven …. (Is there food?)

  4. Love this!! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Love.This. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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