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Mom and Dad have held me captive for months – they say it’s a pandemic and we just need to chill and stay home.

Well, I’m not one to sit around on my paws, so I Googled corona and not only did I learn a lot about beer, I found out that dogs don’t get the virus. So I devised a plan to sneak out the back door and take off on my own. What better opportunity than now to take a trip around the world? No lines, no crowds, just freedom.

I decided to start slow, since it was my first time going it alone. So I headed south to San Carlos, Mexico to visit my Aunt Deborah and cousins Pumpkin and Kiva. Auntie’s new place is right ON the beach! Hot diggity dog!

Mexico was pretty epic but and after a ton of fun in the sun, it was time to move along, so I hopped on a very crowded bus of super friendly and helpful locals.

¡Hola, mis amigos! Traveling south through the country from the oceans to desert, to mountains and finally arriving in the city.

Ciudad de México.

Ciudad de México is like none other. Founded in 1521 with a population of 21 million people, and just as many canines, it was time to party. Street tacos, street dogs, amazing history, an active volcano, floating gardens, wide boulevards, giant squares, festivals, arts and culture. . .

And the best of all . . . Frida, of course.

Do stowaways need a passport?

I managed to hop on a plane when the baggage guys weren’t looking. Boy it was a long cold flight, but worth it when I found out I ended up in Kenya! I managed to hitch a ride on a safari gig as the guard dog and it was a once in a dog lifetime experience. We saw lions, tigers, elephants, giraffe and came across some really big spotted cats. I used my dog ninja training to scare ’em off our Range ROVER (cool) Defender and was rewarded with an extra helping of chow!

After a couple of days I managed another stealth stowaway gig and had a pretty good time getting my ears scratched as I rode the baggage merry-go-round. I wasn’t sure what the nice people were saying, but quickly learned I was at Charles de Gaulle airport. Vive la France Puppy! It was so très chic hanging out in Paris at the Peace Memorial with the Eiffel Tower just behind me. Croissants, butter, fig jam and café. Yum. After a day roaming the streets I hopped a TGV train and ended up in Venice! What’s with this city? The streets are all under water and there were funny looking dudes in striped shirts pushing cartoon boats around with big sticks. Even more bizarre, there we no fire hydrants for me to leave my calling card.

Next stop India! Steaming with people, smells and culture.

Let’s just say the train was just a little crowded, but so was New Delhi and everywhere else. After hitting all the tourist sites, I decided to get some fresh air and head north and back to nature. Why not Mount Everest? I could’ve beat Sir Edmund Hillary to the top back in 1953, but nowadays there are so many slackers on the summit trail I had a hard time using my trademark four-paw drive. I did manage to run between their legs and made it up and down in record dog time. After that it was back to peace and quiet hitting the slopes to hang-twenty Snowboarding the Himalayas.

First Class travel! Woof!

I finally remembered Mom’s AMEX account details and managed to finagle a First Class ticket from New Delhi to Santiago, Chile. I’ll likely be in the dog house and grounded without my smart phone for dog years, but I was determined to keep the good times rolling. First I went to Valparaiso, the skate parks were all gucci and the local riders were awesome. Considering I already surfed the Himalayas, it was time to hit the big waves. So I hitchhiked a couple hundred clicks south to Pichilemu and Punta de Lobos, where I could really show my greenroom skills. Worn out like a wet dog needing a little chill time I then headed to Punta del Este, Uruguay and fell in puppy love with a really kind yoga teacher. I sure miss my Mom, but checkout that down dog!

Time to head home. After January 6th, I yearned to see some real patriots.

So, Pluto and I go way back when we met at Disney World. And Major, he and I go back a long time as I’m sure you can see in our good lookin resemblance. And meeting POTUS along with seeing the Lincoln and MLK memorials – Whew – Let Freedom Ring. And then, I still can’t believe it, Major hooked me up with the royal treatment at NASA.

Heading home, last stop Grand Canyon, the place my parents love!

If that wasn’t exciting enough, I then donned a squirrel suit for the flight home.

Love ya Mother Earth 🙂

Love y’all, Louie!


  1. You’ll never be the same again, Louie!

  2. Mark Hendershot

    Well my my, that Louie really knows how to knock it, and his travel blog was the height of my Corona days sequestered reading. May you all be well and remain hopeful. Be kind to others

  3. Betsey Jones

    Louie – your travels make me jealous. So tired of not going places, seeing things, and meeting new people. 🙂

  4. Can I come next time?

  5. You are one smart dog! Looks like it was s great trip. Perhaps next time I can join you….,
    Your bored neighbor,

  6. Louie, my tail was wagging when my people showed me your amazing adventures! (I’m still trying to figure out why they kept laughing. Humans…)
    Maybe it’s time I went walkabout Down Under. Interested in coming along?

  7. Hey, Louie — Enjoyed your travelogue although I’m a bit jealous. When you go on your next expedition, call me!!

  8. And Cooper enjoyed it,too, Louie!

  9. We already new Louie was special but he has outdone himself!

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