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So there we are on a beautiful spring day cruisin’ down the road in Dad’s 1951 Chevy pick-up truck. I’m riding shotgun!  My head is hanging out the window, my ears and jowls are flapping like a cheap blue tarp in the breeze and my snout is working like a supercharger being force fed all sorts of delicious scents. As I look out the window, I notice a nice long stringer of my drool running down the length of the truck. What a perfect poochilicious day!

We take a turn and I get a weird sensation of déjà vu.  All of the sudden it hits me, I have been here before. We are headed to Camp!  Tailwinds actually, my second most favorite place to go, besides the dog park, the canal, Windsor, Petsmart, Home Depot, Uncle Bobby’s, the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, and any neighbor’s fresh cut lawn. Wait, reality check, while cruisin’ Phoenix there are so many sweet spots it’s hard to keep track of them all.

A Special Destination

Tailwinds is the place my parents take me when they leave town to go wherever or do whatever all day without me. It’s a pretty sweet alternative to staying home alone. Just a couple of miles away from Camp and I start laying it on thick, you know, the whimpering, the barking, the dancing in circles on the front seat all of which makes Dad just shake his head, smile and call me a goof. We finally arrive. I go dog bananas and really start howling and jump out of the truck. No good-bye, no I’m gonna miss you, no showing that I care one iota about my Dad. Dogonit, now’s the time to get down and rumble with all of my buddies. And, get my scent refreshed everywhere and bark like nobody’s business.  All the things I don’t get to do at home.

The staff at Camp Tailwinds, let me tell you they are really cool for humans. They talk all sweet to me, give me treats for doing ridiculous stuff like sitting, staying, shaking paws, high fiving, on and on. They let me play with my brethren pretty much all the time, until we get dog tired and have a bowl of the best kibble followed by a nice long nap.

Life at Camp Tailwinds, what could be better?

Cruisin’ Phoenix


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